Designing an Effective Business Card? Here Are the Points to Consider

The first impression is the last impression, while meeting a person at first sight there is usually limited time to make an incredible first impression. A professional business card might help you pitch up the impression and make a remarkable moment. The first marketing in this instance is the business card design. However, there are very many businesses owners who try hard to elevate their way in marketing but does not deliver the expected results. The business cards talk volumes of whether people would like to work with you or not. The card package must however look professional as much as possible. When it comes to business cards there is no restricted criteria of designing them.

Below are some of the 6 vital features that need to be enlisted on the business card.

The name and the title– in as much as they sound obvious, they should be listed on a place where they can be seen easily. The name is the major associate between the face of the card owner and the information in it. Then, you should indicate your title in the corporation whether the CEO or the Co-founder.

Company’s name – there are different instances where the person is in charge of the operation in the business. It is important to have a name of your company and how you introduce it in the card. For instance, you may use “I am a financial advisor.” or “I own a financial advising company”. Yes, they can all be names for your company but they can bear very different meaning to the readers thus being pursued differently.

Insert your email address – There is one mistake that business persons make, putting email addresses the bears the Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail or any other email addresses. Viewers may not take you seriously, if it’s your own business, it’s important to insert a professional mail that bears both your name and your domain name. However, the other email domains may be used in online newsletters but they should be put aside in designing the business card.

Your phone number and website – Many mobile numbers may confuse the client at times therefore it is important to choose one main one that could attract the potential clients. Additionally, as you indicate your mobile number you must not forget the website that will be of further reference for the viewers. Cards are important tools in increasing traffic website as a marketing strategy.

Tagline and logo– a tagline simply sates the mission of the company in brief as well as the products. A logo is also very important in marketing the business card however some people just use some random pic in perception of the logo but it have different meaning for clients.

Market your products at the back of the card – as a business person one should advertise his or her products at the back of the card. However, thus should not be overdone but make it look detailed and precise. This will show the potential clients on how serious you are with your business hence willing to invest with you.

Once you have designed your card you should recheck it and proof whether the above features are present. Additionally, as you issue the card to the potential clients, you must clearly state what you want them to do. Call back, get more information from the website or email you. These are powerful strategies to increase potential clients. Also a professional card adds a tick to marketing; instead of printing them from your printer you can just hire a professional to do the job (check out printing business cards in Vancouver).