Four cheap ways to promote your business

If you need to promote your business, but do not want to spend a lot of money, do not worry. There are at least four ways that can help you market your company, so that potential customers are made aware of what you do and then develop an interest in your products or services.

Custom printed stickers — One of the often overlooked ways of promoting a business is to have custom printed stickers created from a company like Canada sticker printing. They can be large or small, in black and white or with vibrant colors. Stickers can be used on products themselves to draw the customer’s eye. Or they can be stuck on envelopes and packages, used as window decals and bumper stickers, and even put on skateboards and laptop cases.

YouTube channel — Never underestimate the power of YouTube, and its ability to be a fabulous way to promote your business. Particularly as it is free to upload a video. Film videos that are funny, sweet or unusual, and you may just see them go viral.

Advertising on social media — One of the cheaper ways to promote a business is to run small ads on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Pay just for ads reaching people in your area, and you may just hit people that have no idea your company even exists, but still may be very interested in what you offer.

Write an article for an industry magazine — Whether your business is selling flowers, vacations or shampoo, there is an industry magazine out there for it. Write an article and submit it to several magazines in your industry. Many are happy to receive free content, and you get free advertising in return. Pick the right magazine, and you could reach tens of thousands of people.